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Love on Harbor Island [DVD] ; Love under the olive tree.

RATED: Not rated

Love on Harbor Island: Marcus Rosner, Morgan Kohan, Brenda Matthews, Emma Cam, Jeff Gonek. Love under the olive tree: Tori Anderson, Ben Hollingsworth, Jerry Wasserman, Shawn Roberts, Andrew Dunbar.

Lucie Guest


RELEASE DATE: 04/06/2020

Love on Harbor Island: Seattle interior designer Lily Summers returns to her hometown to help her Aunt Maggie run her bed and breakfast by the marina. Here she meets Marcus, the handsome seaplane pilot whose life's work delivering rescue dogs. Will he help Lily discover that home really is where the heart is? Love Under the Olive Tree: The prize of Sunset Valley's annual olive oil contest is a land parcel with disputed ownership. When feisty Nicole and competitive Jake face-off, they never expect sparks to fly.
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