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The Nutcracker and the four realms [DVD]


Mackenzie Foy Keira Knightley Morgan Freeman Misty Copeland Helen Mirren Tom Sweet Meera Syal Ellie Bamber Matthew Macfadyen Nick Mohammed

Lasse Hallström


RELEASE DATE: 01/29/2019

Clara is searching for the special key to unlock a box from her late mother. Inside that box is a priceless item that her mother left for her. During her godfather's yearly holiday party, Clara almost gets the key but it disappears. She embarks on a quest into a mysterious world which has four different realms: a snowflakes realm, flowers realm, sweets realm, and the challenging realm where the key is. As she undertakes her journey she meets different characters including Phillip who is a soldier and a gang of mice. Will Clara be able to gain the key to receive her late mother's special gift?
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